Marketing and Promotion

“Print or broadcast?”

Media marketing was once a fairly straightforward process.

More traditional businesses were print advertisers. They would have an enhanced ad in the Yellow Pages, 1/8 page ad on the third Sunday of each month in the local paper and sometimes a week long run in the classifieds.

Those with bigger budgets and higher profit margins would go broadcast. Live reads on the radio┬áduring drive-time, sponsor mention for the sports report and even a live remote broadcast from your parking lot. Television was run through your local network affiliate’s advertising department. They would come up with packages for a still during the weekend weather to go along with your buy for a morning talk window.

Things Changed.

Things were more simple then, but think about how limited you were. Maybe more importantly, think of all of those who were closed out of the whole process due to a limited or non-existant ad budget.

Our concept is simple. We apply our creative input and experience to devise a marketing strategy for our clients. These projects incorporate the old mediums and new media.

Making an orderly web of social media, viral online, print, broadcast, cable/sat and interpersonal marketing is something that takes planning. It takes an understanding of where your target audiences are right now as well as where they will be a week from now.