The Internet Changed Things.
(for the better and worse)

Marketing has always been a difficult subject with businesses. In the past most companies saw it simply as buying an ad in the Yellow Pages or a listing in the local newspaper. Now those roles have been made into a dizzying array of digital and online options that seem to be a modern day requirement. Some of the most common questions businesses have about online / social media marketing are:
  • How do you know what might work best for your business?
  • Which social media sites are worth your time and money?
  • What is the right content to put online?
  • Should it be the same thing on all platforms?
  • What is SEO, SEM and this giant bowl of alphabet soup?
  • What if there is something unfairly negative on the Internet about your business?
These are serious questions and without clear guidance, many companies end up with a jumbled, unorganized and ineffective mess online.
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