NOSMH: Pay Attention

I am always hesitant to post about what works for me in my typical day to day marketing life for a simple reason, there is no typical day. 

Everyone who works in advertising and marketing has a slightly different set of responsibilities, each agency is different, every client is unique and there are no sure fire solutions that works for everyone. However there are certain best practices that work. So I wanted to take some time to start a series of short posts about what I have found generally works, based on my my decades of experience.


Post Regularly

Seems obvious, right? The fact is, most brands/companies blow this first and most obvious concept.

By posting regularly (not systematically) followers feel you are interested in keeping them informed. This encourages them to be engaged. People want to feel special, even at some minimal level. So if you aren’t bothering to post, to ‘speak to’ your follower and show them some attention why would they think you care?

This doesn’t mean automated bland posting. Who wants to interact with a social account that does nothing but shoot out automated posts every 3rd day? Answer, no one.

Uneed a Biscuit wall painting
You know what "Uneed?" Regular posts.

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